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Day Care East Hants
About Us

Elmwood Child Care Centre Ltd has been serving the communities of East Hants and the surrounding area since 1996. As an Early Childhood Educator, starting my career in 1984, my philosophy has always been ‘learning through play’. The programs offered at ECCC reflect my philosophy.

Elmwood Child Care Centre (ECCC) began as a small centre on Elmwood Drive for (10) children in 1996. Today, there are three locations with programs that offer childcare for families with children age 3 months -5 years.

Each location is a government approved licensed childcare centre under the Department of Education Early Years Branch, following the guidelines and regulations of the Nova Scotia Daycare Act and Regulations.
Elmwood Child Care Centre Ltd is committed to providing a high-quality, play- based early childhood education program implementing the Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework. The quality of our programs is the result of many years of experience and a strong commitment to meet the needs of the children and their families.


Elmwood Child Care Centre Ltd believes children learn through play and exploration of their environment and are entitled to opportunities that support all areas of their development.

Elmwood Child Care Centre Ltd believes in fostering active learning, cultural diversity, inclusion, creativity, risk taking, independence and parent involvement by providing experiences for positive interactions between children, staff, parents, the Centre and our community. Enrollment Information. Prior to enrolment, the Executive Director or Designate will meet with parents and review all documents required for their child to start at Elmwood Child Care Centre Ltd.

Transition to the Lantz After School Program

We only offer afterschool care at our Lantz location. There is no after school program at the Elmsdale location. Children who attend the After-school Program in Lantz must have a sibling in one of our Full day Programs.

Once the youngest child enters school, after school care will no longer be available.
When you enrol in our Program , you will be required to fill out:

  • A Registration Form
  • Childs Health Questionnaire
  • Childs information Form
  • Consent form for Emergencies,
  • Consent form Outings
  • Consent forms Photos
  • Consent form for Closed Facebook site
  • Parent Handbook Confirmation Form

The Executive Director or Designate will review our Parent Handbook with you and set up an orientation schedule for your child/children.

Parents will be asked to sign a form for their child file stating that the Parent Handbook was reviewed with them.

All forms need to be filled out and completed before your child/children start at the centre. Due to licensing regulations, no child can start until immunization dates are included in the file.

Payment Policy

Fees will be paid for those days that were agreed upon during registration. To prevent monetary loss to the centre, space cannot be held without payment for absent days, illness, storm days or vacation days. If fees are not paid on time, the Executive Director will be obligated to ask you to remove your child from the program. Payment arrangements will be as per your financial agreement executed during registration. Please do not put the Executive Director in the uncomfortable position of asking for late or overdue payments. Monthly rates will be calculated each month by the number of days in each month .

  • Full Day Toddler (18 months-3 years) $38.25
  • Full Day Preschooler (3 Years-5 Years) $36.75
  • After School - $19.10 /Full day $36.75
  • Infants -$42.50
  • Daily rates will increase by 3% each September

  • Portable subsidies are also available from the Department of Community Services for families who qualify. Please inform the Director if you want information about Portable Subsidies.
  • Note – Payment is still required if your child does not attend due to illness, vacation, storm days or holidays.




  • Full Day Toddler (18 months-3 years) $38.25
  • Full Day Preschooler (3 Years-5 Years) $36.75
  • After School - $19.10 /Full day $36.75
  • Infants -$42.50


Day Care East Hants Day Care East Hants Day Care East Hants

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