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Day Care East Hants

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Before and After School

Day Care East Hants

The programs offered at Elmwood Child Care Centre follow the Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework.

As we implement the framework, our educators embrace the childrens everyday experiences as the foundation for their curriculum. Elmwood's early childhood educators use the goals in the curriculum framework to describe and interpret the children's everyday experiences.

We strongly believe outdoor environments support all aspects of children's learning and invite conversations between children, educators, families and the broader community. They promote opportunities for shared thinking and collaborative learning. The natural learning materials enhance learning when they reflect what is easily found in nature (sticks, rocks, leaves) and familiar, while at the same time provoking interest and more complex and increasingly abstract thinking.

The educators at Elmwood use "loose parts" (materials that can be moved, taken apart, lined up, and put back together in multiple ways) to encourage creativity and open-ended learning in their daily program both indoors and outdoors.


Cost per day is:

$34.50 Preschool Room (8 to 1 ratio)

$36.00 Toddler Rooms (6 to 1 ratio)

$40.00 Infants (4 to 1 ratio)

Daily rates will be reflected by your child's group ratio ,not their age

Portable child care subsidies are also available from the Department of Education Early Years Branch for families who qualify.

Day Care East Hants Day Care East Hants Day Care East Hants

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